First hours in Iran

From the 16th till the 30th April I went to Iran, to visit a country I was eagerly interested and very curious about for the past years. Probably because  I went their very spontaneously, most of my friends seemed to be anxious about what I would have to expect. But that’s why I could leave unprejudiced and probably unprepared and naive.  

I took of in Leipzig and went to Teheran via Istanbul. It was quiet a pleasant journey, although I traveled alone because my friend had to stay at home for working reasons. Due to the departure time from Istanbul I arrived at Teheran very early in the morning (about 6 o clock am). I took a cab to my hotel and because I couldn’t check in I just left my baggage there to leave, exploring Teheran strollingly. But ‘strolling’ wasn’t the mode to explore a city like Teheran.

During my journey I read about the “shared taxi economy”. I already realized the regular vehicles hoking all the time – obviously to collect passengers during the rush hour in the morning. So I stopped one of them, got on the passenger seat to notice that English wasn’t the language we could have a proper conversation. After a few minutes of “missconversation” I finally took out my guidebook to show him a picture of the place I wanted to go. Somehow he tried to explain me that the “Collectibles” don’t drop you off exactly where you want to go, but drive regular routes, where you can drop on / drop off – similar to the public transportation. But he took so much effort to find another passenger (who also couldn’t speak English at all) to lead me finally to the place I wanted to go – the Golestan Palace in Teheran – with another “Collectible”. He was all similing, because he helped me and I was happy, to have met somebody who was soo kind.

The first hours in Iran where vicarious for the whole journey, which lead me from Teheran over Shiraz to Esfahan. Everywhere people helped me. All over Iran people where hospitable, friendly and curious about me, invited me at home, for dinner or lunch, gave me presents… Even though we asked eachother some strange question (e.g. some Iranians asked me: Do you really believe, that the Holocaust took place?) it was enriching, made me hungry to go their again. Definitly on of my best trips this year…

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